Titanium Modules


Allows for iOS region monitoring (geofencing) in titanium. At Food on the Table, we’re testing this out as a way to remind users about thier grocery list when they get to the store.


When Apple deprecated UUID tracking in iOS, a number of alternatives came online for tracking users (for the purposes of advertising and tracking where users were coming from). ODIN1 is just one of these. This module just takes the ODIN1 ObjC code and wraps it in a module.

Twitter Javascript Experiments

Spiceworks Twitter Search Page

A quick experiment to see if I could perform a twitter search entirely in Javascript from the browser

Status: Totally works. Basis for some of the projects below.

Unemployment Rate

Building on the Spiceworks Twitter test, try to dynamically determine a bit of information from inspecting the last 200 status updates from Twitter. In this case, I was trying to determine the current US Unemployment Rate.

Status: Somewhat successful. Depends greatly on how the news is reported each month. Also, when states report their data, it pollutes my results.

Old GitHub Page

This is the site that I originally put together to live at Was trying to keep it super simple, but I’ve since realized I wanted to make better use of this space. I’ve kept the old site around for inspiration (Keep it simple, stupid).

My favorite Twitter experiment so far. The goal here was to create a new way to search through the river of data that is Twitter. In this case, I’m trying to create a sort of “Thought Builder”. Start with some basic idea or concept, and build out from there (click to add words to the front or end of the thought).

Again, entire application exists in the browser. Nothing running server-side.

Status: DOMAIN EXPIRED… Working, though not very useful… more of a toy. Fun to play with. Need a better starting point than “Obama”

Interesting Starting Points:


Column Control (Prototype/Scriptaculous)

A column control written in Javascript. Interacts with the server to pull across data as needed based on the “path”. This control is currently deployed in the Spiceworks application as the “Browse” control.

One day, I’ll get around to cleaning this up a bit (I’ve learned a lot since I built this 2 years ago).

Spiceworks Plugin TextMate Bundle

A nice TextMate Bundle to make developing Spiceworks Plugins easier. This bundle will become deprecated as soon as Spiceworks 4.5 is released (as it contains it’s own Extension editor… that kicks ass).


I like VIM. Here’s my ~/.vim if you want to see how I currently have it configured.